Ben is pretty good at magic. He’s done many things… and he has abilities.

This type of page is normally reserved for someone to wax lyrical about their skills and accomplishments—how boring. However, if you like, you can just imagine a page full of glistening achievements and testaments to Ben’s ability with a sprinkling of self-indulgent waffle about why he chose magic as his path—instead of something more respectable. You can also imagine a paragraph about how Ben is a family man, a good person and an animal lover—trust me, that part would have been the most obnoxious.

You are here on his website, so how can you possibly expect a non-biased perspective? He obviously wrote this himself; and the fact that he is writing in such a self-deprecating tone doesn’t absolve him from the fact that this is a waste of your time and a missed opportunity to impress those who are easily swayed by shameless self-promotion.

Ben’s main motivation for writing in this style is probably to suggest that he is very smart or funny. He is neither (plus anyone who writes about themself in the third person needs a slap).

The bottom line is that he does magic… and you can find lots of it here. So, stop reading this nonsense and go and learn some, or do something much more useful—like cooking a giant lasagne for the entire family.